Awakening to our Celestial Nature (FREE)

This course is for anyone that feels that there is more to life than what they are getting. There are certain rules in this Universe that we must follow so that we can “Awaken” to the truth that each one of us has unlimited resources and possibilities to direct and control our life to be exactly what we would like it to be. So for the next few days study these lessons with a completely open mind and follow the instructions and you shall see just how easy it is to understand and use the “Supreme Principles Of Being” to bring peace, happiness, and success in to your life.


7 Chakra Awakening Torus Gemstones (Round 50mm) With Hand Carved (Red Western Cedar Box)

This is a set of 7 Crystal Torus for Awakening the 7 Chakras. Each Torus is designed to work with a different chakra.  Our Torus are made from top quality crystal and are hand crafted and polished.  The symmetry and precision of these Torus gives them a unique and special energy for Awakening the Chakras to full power. The shape makes them convenient to put on a person during a session. 


Authored by White Wolf

Co-Author Little Deer Dancing

Everything that we think, feel, speak, and do is good. All of the things we need are manifested instantly. Our words become powerful tools to restrain darkness and its illusions. What we feel, our environment feels, and all beings will sense those very powerful and positive feelings. Everything that we touch will be rectified

Awaken Memory Picture Card FLASH GAME


Awaken Memory Cards is a very valuable tool to expand the mind, creating new neuro-connections with-in the brain. The Creative Story Memorizing Technique using Awaken Memory Cards has proven to inhance short term memory, long term memory, activates memory skills in the area of identifing random pictures, numbers, letters, colors, symbols and shapes with descriptive short stories; with 100% accuracy first attempt.

          (ROUND 50mm)